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(posted on 4 Dec 2023)



I worked as an occupational visual artist for 35 or 40 years, so I had a kind of embedded, probably worms eye view, of the visual arts. Despite being wrapped up in the moment of desperately trying to produce the vast amounts of both fine and applied art required to survive as an artist, I used to think and wonder about the devices I used both consciously and unconsciously, and the nature of what it was I was involved with.

There's nothing to particularly to recommend my blog posts except my embedded vantage point. I suspect the point of view of the working artist is not taken quite as seriously today as it might have been in the past. I think, and indeed hope, that working artists notice things that the arts technocrats, that is, the educators, curators, administrators, critics, t and academics don't.

These posts are things I found unusually interesting about art and images, reflections and recollections on the way I saw things as they unfolded, and inferences I made from how they seemed to have unfolded. I did some instruction and some  posts simply relate to things I brought to the attention of students that, as a working visual artist, was especially enthused about, for example the link between drawing and perception. The posts are opinion, and the opinion of a very minor player in the visual arts now living between Desolation Sound and Forbidden Plateau. I hope that the things that I found surprising and interesting are of interest to others even if they don't agree or have themselves found equally convincing alternative notions.

You can email me comments, corrections, contentions at cpowsey@shaw.ca