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Starting a Blog. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I'm starting a blog, or at least a 'tank' for thoughts in written form, for better or worse. I was a working artist for four decades and communicated with images, not words. If I occasionally had something to say I would say it, or write it, and it was not to be confused with what I did as an artist. This discrimination still stands.

I find I do have something to say and the contents of this blog will be it.

There's nothing particular to recommend my blog except that I think my point of view might be of some interest because of it's vantage point. I actually made a living at making and doing both fine and applied art. I was trained, not educated. I observed the world and the world of art and images through the eyes of a necessarily prolific visual artist from the later part of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century. A enormous amount changed in art during that time, not necessarily for the best for artists in my opinion. Posted material will be opinion pieces, maybe reviews and observations of sorts, anecdotes, and samples of talks given before and during art instruction. I hope it will unusual, irreverent, a bit perverse, non-conformist and individualistic; I'm from an era (the 20th century) when artists were expected to be these things. Hopefully I won't look like a complete incoherent asshole and someone, somewhere, will find what I write of interest. I want to try and keep the blog casual and conversational. You can email me comments, corrections, contentions at cpowsey@shaw.ca